Thank you so much for applying for a speaker slot at WixCon 2020! We are excited to talk with you about your topic and how you can help make WixCon 2020 a year to remember by sharing relevant and insightful content for attendees to learn from and be inspired as they grow their business. Speaking at WixCon does require a commitment of time and preparation and while we appreciate every one of you we are not able to cover the cost of accommodations or travel. In the event that any special incentives are available for confirmed speakers we will notify you as soon as possible. 

Speakers are required to:

  • write an outline and/or script and create slides

  • be contactable before the event, and have occasional check-ins

  • rehearse your talk in advance, and attend one rehearsal that can be conducted online if needed

In order to ensure a level of consistency in programing all talks and slides must be approved. Slides will receive some design direction to ensure consistency in presentations. 

Book a session below to get moving to the next steps. Please keep in mind that we have limited slots for speakers and unfortunately, we may have to make some cuts.  

Once we receive notification that you have booked a slot we will send you a Google Hangout link prior to our scheduled chat.

Initial Interview
30 min

WixCon is an annual event organized by the Wix Partner Community. @2020