We are excited to extend to you the opportunity to become one of our sponsors for our annual Wix Design Expert Conference. This year we will be hosting WixCon in New Orleans, Louisiana May 20th-22nd. We've identified your contribution in our industry as a valuable asset, and we'd love to connect and discuss how to highlight you this year in New Orleans. 

This event is actively being marketed to Wix Expert users around the world. Expected attendance is around 150 for this event with a potential live stream attendance of over 500. 

Expand your Reach

Being a sponsor means we have the pleasure of highlighting you and your services to your target market in an exclusive setting. This opens the potential not only to work directly with our design experts, but also allows for potential networking and exposure to our expert's clients. 

Why Now?

This is the first sponsorship opportunity we’ve extended to vendors to have a presence with our Wix experts. This conference is the evolution of not only our conference, but of the ecosystem of a much larger global shift in our  industry.

Meet Our Experts

Our Wix Expert attendees are a curated group of selected professionals whose primary business is marketing services and solutions to SMB’s globally. They’re in the trenches using your products every day and have invaluable experience working with your target demographic or
ARE your target demographic. 

Why Wix?

Wix’s global user base is over 120 million users. Their open SDK and unparalleled design capabilities create a unique community of experts, agencies, developers, web designers, and other online professionals to effectively market their Apps and services to millions through the Wix platform.

Let's Talk

Please leave your details below and times .....we will be in touch soon!

WixCon is an annual event organized by the Wix Partner Community. @2020